Systems Engineering

Engineering, which embraces in its general definition the creative application of technical and scientific principles with the aim of developing systems and solutions, constitutes for GTE SA the bedrock of our approach.  For us it represents above all the method by which we reach a technical solution, starting from a perceived need and developing a design concept, then executing it while rigorously respecting scheduling and budgetary constraints, in full respect of the highest professional standards in terms of quality.

Technical consultation, design, works supervision and partnership with the most important companies producing for the sector – these are the essential ingredients of our success. We are also committed to working with those who find themselves having to face issues related to legally binding industrial standards, to the bureaucracy and generally to developing an awareness of what today’s technology has to offer.

Our company’s history ample demonstrates the importance of creating trust and how the consolidation of mutual respect between ourselves and the Client is the outcome of a correct approach adopted from the outset to tackling issues relating to the identification of the appropriate plant solutions required by the construction or restructuring project in hand, in full respect of questions of general safety and security.