Data and telephone networks


Structured cabIing systems are the passive infrastructure for carrying telephone signals and data. The quality of products, but above all the quality of their installation, makes a huge difference to performance of the network. Today this has become a critical factor given the enormous quantity of information being transmitted. 

There are now tried and tested technologies that allow the user to check permutations automatically and remotely, thereby eliminating the use of permutation cables in technical cabinets and above all updating the connections data base instantly. Particular attention must be paid to the infrastructure of the data center which represents the heart of a company’s computer system.

In this context pre-connectorized copper and fibre optic connections guarantee the highest performance, security of installation and reliability over time.


The integration of data, voice and images in the “network” infrastructure has reached a level of complexity and heterogeneity that today the network has become the fulcrum of information systems. The “smart” aspect in these systems is spreading to all components, and the active devices that determine their interconnection can become the critical functioning factor. This makes it necessary to focus attention on the capacity, control and protection of the network systems.

GTE, using cutting-edge techniques and technologies and operating in complete synergy with the field’s leading producers, is in a position to offer the ideal solutions for reaching the desired objectives.