Electrical and security integrated systems


Currently available technologies in the technical lighting sector have reached a high standard of integration as regards building automation design. GTE SA, with its network of technical partners, is able to offer a complete range of products making possible any type of solution, from the simple control of a piece of equipment up to the full integration of the lighting system in the context of the most advanced Building Management System.


The control of a building is inextricably linked with the management and distribution of its electrical energy.  Effective monitoring and control of the receiver/transformer station and of primary and secondary distribution are a fundamental element determining the interaction with the control and management of the protection systems and with all the other controls of the building.  These controls allow the user to have an overview of the system in real time and intervene with complete safety.  The electrical subsystem is thus an integral part of the overall management system.  The interactions occurring automatically between a series of applications make it possible o register and analyze all the electrical data relating to the following systems and units:

  • Transformer stations;
  • Electrical Power and Auxiliary cabins;
  • Earthing systems;
  • Lightning Protection;
  • B.B. and M.T. Electrical plant


The need for effective protection against intrusion and in general against all types of related criminal action, as well as protection of persons and property, make it essential to have a robust security system made up of devices which control and manage access and detect any unauthorized presence, prevent trespass, and offer video-surveillance, smoke detection and fire extinguishing.

Fundamental to these systems is the data capture, data processing and data distribution function used to keep the building under active surveillance and protection. In the interests of increasing efficiency in the management of the system, we have introduced a new approach to the problem of security, one which translates as the centralization of the alarms in a single integrated solution.

The following systems form part of these technologies:

  • Access management and Detection of unauthorized presence;
  • Anti-trespass;
  • Videosurveillance;
  • Smoke and Gas detection;
  • Fire extinguishing.