Certification of electrical plant

With effect from 1st January 2002, (OBIT 2002) the legislation relating to electrical plant was changed to make it incubent on the owner to ensure that  his or her electrical plant be subject of a visual and instrumental technical check both before commissioning and later at regular pre-set intervals.

These checks, referred to as RA.SI (Safety Reports), are subdivided as follows:

  • Plant start-up RASI:

The check is obligatory once the installation of the electrical plant has been completed and before start-up of operations. In this case the installer must issue a safety report within six months of start-up certifying that the plant was installed in a way that complies with legal requirements.

GTE SA, as part of the package of solutions it offers, is able to offer this service, using the best qualified test personnel operating in your canton.

  • Periodic RASI:

For each plant in operation a check must be carried out on the initiative of the owner every 20 years in residential contexts, every 10 years in industrial, tertiary and commercial contexts, and within 5 years for each public utility building.

The owner of the plant will be advised in writing of the fulfilment of this obligation directly by the network manager at least 6 months before the deadline. This document will have to attest that the state of the plant is in conformity with prevailing technical standards in terms of safety and efficiency, including maintenance.

In the event of anomalies being noted in the register of the technician carrying out the checks, GTE SA is in a position to correct these so that it is possible to proceed and complete the intervention without incurring the sanctions the law imposes for non-fulfilment.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any further clarification on this matter.