Plant maintenance, assistance and operation

UNI9910 defines maintenance as “a combination of all the technical and administrative activities, including that of supervision, performed in order to maintain or restore an entity to a state in which it can carry out the function required of it.”
This concept goes beyond the carrying out of maintenance activities and requires that we define a special service that must be linked and fused with other activities like:

  • conducting a census and registration of goods;
  • periodic monitoring of the condition of a property;
  • designing and planning maintenance interventions;
  • updating the infrastructure in line with changes in required standards.

GTE SA offers a type of contract whose approach is based on the philosophy of partnership with the Clients outsourcing services and facility management to us:

  • placing at their services our rich experience in solving technical,  organizational and managerial problems;
  • customizing the range of services on the basis of the Client’s needs;
  • prioritizing the long-term continuity of the relationship;
  • constantly monitoring the results of the services dispensed so as to guarantee a high level of service quality;
  • optimizing the input of resources while containing costs.