Photovoltaic and solar energy systems

The climate changes that have been evident for some decades are considered one of the most serious threats to human health, to the environment and to the world economic development. Opinion is almost unanimous in seeing the earth’s climate as influenced in large part by greenhouse gas emissions produced by human activity. In light of the future scenarios, the international community has started to tackle the situation by taking positions and making formal commitments arising out of compromises and negotiations that are witness to the enormity of the interests at stake in relation to the problems raised.

In line with this there has been a development of the technology relating to the systems involved and the emergence of a new culture concerning the use of alternative and renewable energy sources, principally hydroelectric, wind, solar (thermal and  photovoltaic),  biomass (in various forms).  Italy, with its customary failure to act promptly, has issued many new (confused and confusing) initiatives, laws and standards aimed at regulating and incentivizing the development of these technologies.

GTE SA has been aware from the start of the importance of these questions and adapted its structures accordingly, initiated training and sought certification for the construction of plant involving these new technologies, concentrating on those which by their nature were within our clients’ possibilities.